Patient Results

Jaime B – LAP-BAND Surgery*

I’m Jaime B! I have been married to my wonderful husband for 8 and half years, and I am a mommy to a 7 year old boy and a 7 month old little girl. I had surgery on November 14, in 2014. At my heaviest weight of 325lbs, I was absolutely miserable. I couldn’t fit […]

Brittany – LAP-BAND Surgery*

I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a kid. I tried all sorts of diets, exercise regimes, and nothing ever worked long term. After having my son I realized I had to get healthy for myself and more importantly for him. This needed to be a real change that was going to stick. [Read more]

Traci G – LAP-BAND Surgery*

I cannot tell you how much Dr. Bagnato and his staff has truly changed my life! I’ve yoyo’d in weight most of my adult life. I’d lose weight and then gain 20-80 pounds back, ugh…yes…I said 80 lbs! At a whopping 286 pounds and simply miserable with myself, I was running out of hope. A friend’s husband had the lap band procedure done and had amazing results. I weighed the options and knew that portion control was my major problem. [Read more]

Lance G – LAP-BAND Surgery*

In 2015 I was over 430lbs, 434lbs to be exact. I had a 56″ waist, and I wore a 5x shirt. Life was extremely difficult. My biggest decision each day was just to get out of the bed and face the day ahead of me. I was a prisoner. I missed out on so much life because I was uncomfortable, tired, in pain, embarrassed and generally lethargic. [Read more]

Alex L – LAP-BAND Surgery*

Hey, my name is Alex. In June it will be two years since I have had my Lap Band. I woke up one day, and said enough is enough. I was tired of always having to be cautious about what I could and couldn’t do due to my weight. I had never noticed that I had become so heavy. I started my journey at 320 lbs (my heaviest). I worked at a physician’s office, and one day a Lap-band representative came in, and educated us about the band. [Read more]

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*Weight loss surgery and non-surgical procedure results vary between individuals depending on the initial weight, medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Bagnato about the results you can expect.