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Marion P Lap Band Success

I have always been a big person from youth to adult. I have tried several diets only to gain when I come off the diet. I was my largest in 1993 almost 660 lbs. My daughter was pregnant with my 1st grandchild. I started pushing back eating less not eating after 6 pm. I lost down to 245 kept it off about 20 yrs. I had a heart attack in 2014 after that started gaining again up to 375.00. I knew I had to do something to stop the weight gain. I got in touch with Palmyra Surgical meeting Dr. Bagnato, he showed me the Lap-band. He told me what was involved with the procedure. I got my band in Dec. 2018, it was the best decision I have made about weight loss. I am currently weighing 252. The band works if you follow the instructions that are provided. The staff is great and have given great encouragement. I truly wished I had done this years earlier.

Surgery date: 12/13/18

Start weight: 338 BMI: 43.39

Current weight: 265 BMI:34.02

Total weight loss: 73