Sandy: LAP-BAND Surgery

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Video Transcript

Dr. B:   So when did you have your surgery?

Sandy:  August the 14th 2008

Dr. B:   And of course the main question is, how much weight have you lost.

Sandy:  Since lap band, 150.

Dr. B:   Really, to be honest with you. 150 pounds.

Sandy:  Truthfully.

Dr. B:   Wow, congratulations.

Sandy:  Thank you.

Dr. B:   So how does it feel?

Sandy:  It feels really good. What would you like to know what feels good?

Dr. B:   Well what’s the best part of it?

Sandy:  The best part is that I can buy clothes.

Dr. B:   You can shop?

Sandy:  I can shop, and I can run and play with my kids. I can remember in August, we went to the mountains. And we went up to Klemen’s Dome and the whole time my kids were saying, momma my legs hurt, momma I’m tired. And I could go, I could do the whole time and it was wonderful. And it was sad that my kids couldn’t.

Dr. B:   Yeah but great that you could out do them. Right?

Sandy:  That’s right.

Dr. B:   Well that is good. So how was the surgery itself? It was outpatient?

Sandy:  It was outpatient. I came in at six, and I was back in Tifften at the house by one.

Dr. B:   That is sweet.

Sandy:  That was real nice. I was begging them to let me out, and I wasn’t even out of surgery a whole hour yet.

Dr. B: You were good. Great, and how often do you get your fills? The adjustment?

Sandy:  I get my fills every four to six weeks. Sometimes, one time there was a three month span I didn’t get an adjustment, but I have stayed on top of it because I wanted to lose.

Dr. B:   Yeah right. The adjustments are the secret.

Sandy:  That is definitely the secret. It’s coming back and getting your adjustments. That boasts you to your next step each time each time.

Dr. B:   And just because people may not know, what does it take to have an adjustment?

Sandy:  A little sweet needle stick. Not bad.

Dr. B:   A little fluid added to it.

Sandy:  Right.

Dr. B:   Right. And it ports up in your shoulder.

Sandy:  Right.

Dr. B:   Ok. How about you’re eating, do you have to eat special foods? Or can you pretty much eat whatever you want, just not as much.

Sandy:  That’s a tricky question. Are you supposed to eat what you want or no? But, no you can pretty much eat what you want, within reason. I haven’t been able to eat bread that much. Which is a good thing, because that is something that I always really enjoyed. But now I don’t so much enjoy it, and its fine. But I can eat any kind of meat, and vegetables, and of course I try to get my protein in first, and do all the little rules. But if you want something sweet, you can still have it. But you can only have a little bit.

Dr. B:  Of course

Sandy: And that’s what’s nice.

Dr. B:   Yeah.

Sandy: And where we didn’t have control, it controls us.

Dr. B:   And that’s what makes it such a good thing.

Sandy:  That’s right.

Dr. B:   Ok. Congratulations again, you look fabulous.

Sandy:  Thank you. I feel wonderful.

Dr. B:   You really do look good.