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Video Transcript

Dr. B: When did you have your surgery?

Jody: December 19th 2009

Dr. B: So December 19th you had your outpatient surgery?

Jody: Yes sir

Dr. B: Ok. How much did you weight at that time?

Jody: At that time I weighed 497

Dr. B: Wow, that’s a lot. How much weight have you lost?

Jody: In total since the surgery about 105 and I lost 50 before that.

Dr. B: So you lost about 150 pounds getting ready for the surgery and after having the surgery. Well good – that’s good, do you want to lose more?

Jody: Yeah

Dr. B: So you think LAP-BAND can help you do that?

Jody: Yeah

Dr. B: So you haven’t reached the end point yet?

Jody: No I haven’t reached anywhere near the endpoint yet.

Dr. B: That’s good. So high blood pressure and diabetes, where are you now with those two?

Jody: I’ve cut my blood pressure medicine in half, and I’ve cut my glucophage in half for my diabetes. I am completely off my anti-depressants now, and I’ve cut my cholesterol medicine in half.

Dr. B: Wow that’s really good. So you can see where the future is if you keep going in this direction?

Jody: I actually cut my thyroid medicine in half too.

Dr. B: Good. So you’re really making good progress, and tell me again when did you have your surgery?

Jody: December 19th 2009

Dr. B: So not even a year. You know, you get our newsletter and so you see a lot of people who have lost a lot of weight everybody thinks that is successful.  See you’re a success even though you;ve got more weight to lose. And that is what people need to understand its more about your health than it is about the way you look although the way you look helps let me tell you. What kind of work do you do?

Jody:  I’m a corrections counselor, and I would say and don’t tell Charley out there but the best analogy I can come up with is like it’s a prison you can’t escape from. Except when you finally decide to do something about it that’s when you make your escape and everybody can understand that. When you say it like that people say oh I can see that. When you use that kind of analogy people can understand that. It’s something no matter how hard you try unless you decide to do something about it you can’t escape from it.

Dr. B: That’s a good point, and I’m glad you made that for me because I’ll tell you right now I get more pleasure out of hearing people say that then seeing girls walking in those tight jeans and stuff, I do. Again thank you I appreciate it.

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