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Ann C Weight Loss Success

My journey began in July, 2015. I met a complete stranger in the pool at Mexico Beach in Florida and she shared her testimony of how the “lap band” had changed her life.

I am 68 years old and from the time I was 16 years old I have struggled with my weight. I am an administrator of a 44 bed Personal Care Home in Cordele, and I am not ready to retire. Five years ago my angel of a husband of 28 years was called home and five months ago my only daughter, at 47 years old, was called home. During the time after my husband’s death my weight continued to increase and my blood pressure was extremely elevated (200 and above systolic). A stroke was in the picture if I did not get the weight down. I had always had an excuse of eating; I was like a roller coaster – I would lose 20 pounds and gain 50, yet always had a reason why. Never did I realize the “why” was because I ate all the wrong things and the quantity was always too much.

After coming home in July 2015 from the beach I began thinking more and more about the “lap band”. One day I was sitting in my office and one of my resident’s granddaughters walked in my office and out of the blue said I have had the “lap band” done—I nearly fell out of the chair because she looked so good. I realized then God was telling me something. I immediately got the name of the Doctor and my journey really began.

I called and spoke to Erika at Dr. John Bagnato’s office in Albany, and set up an appointment for August 17, 2015. Upon arriving at the office I was greeted by the beautiful Erika, and given some paper work to complete. I was sitting in the waiting room frightened to death and then a beautiful Audrey called me back for my consultation. I immediately felt at peace and fell in love with Erika, Audrey and Missy.

Unknowingly, the best was yet to come. Of course many questions were asked and paper work completed. The next thing I knew, this handsome, gray haired doctor walked in the room and I stood up and hugged his neck (I love a hug). Again immediately, there was a peace that just fell over the entire situation. Dr. Bagnato was in my life, and I was going to see how the doctor and his wonderful staff were going to save my life. And they did.

The journey began that day, August 17, 2015. In December 2015 when I had the “lap band” surgery done I had already lost 50 pounds because you have to show Dr. Bagnato and his team you are serious. Now as of June 20, 2016 I have lost 82 ½ pounds. I went from a 26/28 top to a size 16, I can now go in a store that sales all sizes and find cute things. I am no longer on blood pressure medication, and have never felt so well in my entire life.

During the beginning of the process, oh did I hear horror stories that are a bunch of “crap”. If you eat as you should there is no throwing up and no discomfort, my only regret is that I did not do this many years ago. My family, especially my sister, was not sure, but once she met Dr. Bagnato she had the same peace that the “lap band” surgery was what I needed to do. My family is so proud of me, and is enjoying seeing the happy “Ann” again!

Dr. Bagnato and his staff are wonderful; they have been so supportive and so excited for me. Thanks to them I can now have a very productive busy life again at 68. I feel 45! I look great. God knew who to put in my life, and I praise God that I listened!

I was so excited I wanted to go and tell everybody at first, but I didn’t want anybody to know. I felt they would think I was doing the surgery in vain, God worked that out though because I thought I was privately sending a message to girlfriend of mine on Facebook about my Lap Band journey and I hit the wrong button and it went “public”. At that time, I realized I was supposed to tell people and help others.

Thank God for sending me to such a wonderful man as Dr. Bagnato and his awesome staff.

Patient:   Ann C.

Surgery Date:  12/2015

Start Weight: 325 lbs       BMI:  53

Current Weight: 240 lbs     BMI:  38

Total Weight Loss: 85 lbs