Alonza M: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Alonza Lost 68 Pounds after weight loss surgery

My highest weight was 283, I had bad knees, a stent placed in my heart a few years earlier, blood glucose levels were in the diabetic range and my blood pressure was high. I was disgusted with myself for getting so large. I started this journey well over a year ago when I walked into Dr. Bagnato’s office in October of 2018 because I just couldn’t fake being happy with myself any longer. So even though I had tried to lose weight on my own once again, I knew I couldn’t do it alone and I needed help.  I also did this not thinking that I started back to school in pursuit of an advanced degree that September.

OMG the stress of losing weight before surgery and going to school after 21 years. So many tears have been shed. But today I shed tears of happiness. My surgery was May 2, 2019 (252) and I’ve lost 46 lbs so far. I can get stressed out sometimes by comparing myself to others and their weight loss progress. But my journey is my own and to tell you the truth I’m glad it’s coming off slowly, because this time I expect all the weight to stay off permanently.  I’ve been between 210 and 206 for what seems like a month I’ve been quite upset with myself as “ONEderland” is so close but feels so far away at times. But plateaus are expected and it comes with the territory.  I don’t have sagging skin, though my grandma arms do flap. (but, they did so before). And it’s weird that I can’t keep myself from the plus sized section. I’ve been shopping in that area for so long habits are hard to break including shopping.

Today I am able to wear my goal skirt. It’s been in the closet for 4 years and never worn. It was my skirt of shame but now it’s time to celebrate as so much about my life has changed. Also I’ve been able to graduate with my Master of Business Administration – Healthcare Management this September 7, 2019. So two major goals have been achieved. Glucose levels are out of that diabetic range, cholesterol is normal and blood pressure is normal as well!

I am not a perfect patient, and I am working every day to create a sustainable lifestyle. Having this tool makes losing the weight a lot less daunting. During this journey I continue to strive towards eating for nourishment, identifying triggers and learning how to respond differently.

Thank you to Dr. Bagnato and to Casey especially she always made me feel special when I came to the office.  I’ll send more pictures when I get to goal weight.

Surgery Date : 5/2019

Start Weight: 276.8   BMI: 43.35

Current Weight 210  BMI: 32.89

Total weight loss: 66.8

*Surgical weight loss results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Bagnato about the results you can expect.

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