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Bariatric Surgery Results Betty

I called Dr. Bagnato’s office, and from the moment they answered the phone they were so friendly and informative. They really made me feel at ease and gave me so much encouragement. Thus my journey began to a “new me”.

It’s been almost two years now since my lap band surgery. What am amazing difference it has made in my life! I am no longer on what seemed like an endless amount of medications. I no longer have to take neither pills nor insulin for my diabetes, or blood pressure medicine. That alone has been a miracle for me!

Oh, and did I mention…..the largest size I wore in clothes was a size “26”? I can now wear a size “12” jeans! I am almost to my goal which is a size “10”!

Dr. Bagnato is a wonderful surgeon, and I can not thank him enough for giving me my life back! Thank you, Dr. Bagnato, and you also have an awesome staff!