Pamela: LAP-BAND Surgery

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pamela weight loss success

I have had my lap band since 2006. Since then I have been able to lose over 90 pounds and drastically cut out medications I was taking. There are no words to describe how much of a burden has been lifted off my shoulders through my journey.

Even more important than the weight is I feel much healthier. I am able to enjoy life! I was able to participate in my children’s lives growing up and as I continue to lose I am able to teach them how to live a healthier life as well.

I was also able to return to school and get my degree that I have always wanted. Now have the greatest career as a Registered Nurse working in hospice.

All I can say is LIFE IS GOOD!

Patient: Pamela

Surgery Date: March 2006

Start Weight: 254 BMI: 47.21

Current Weight: 164 BMI: 30

Total Weight Loss: 90lbs