Cindy: LAP-BAND Surgery

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Cindy: LAP-BAND Surgery

Cindy: LAP-BAND Surgery

My Name is Cindy and I have been the overweight one in the family my whole life. I’ve had weight issues as a child, teenager and as a young adult. After giving birth to both my children I gained a lot of weight and was never able to get it off. I had tried every diet from pills, starvation, no carbs and even Dr. prescribed diets. Nothing worked for me. Even as a teenager I could never keep the weight off after losing it. It was while I was nursing at a local hospital that I noticed my blood pressure beginning to climb and my feet and legs beginning to swell. I had several episodes of my blood sugar spiking to around 200 then falling to 50. I knew from my medical experience that I was on a dangerous road and I was scared. I had talked to a few Dr.’s I worked with about Lap-Band surgery and did a lot of research before deciding that Lap-Band was for me.

After having Lap Band surgery in 2007 I began to lose excess weight. Each week I learned new things about my band and about what I could eat and things I should stay away from. The weight kept coming off every week. In 2009 I went almost two years without a fill because my OBGYN advised me to not lose any more weight until I could have a hysterectomy and after that I was back on the losing side again.

I have lost 150 pounds and I no longer have the medical problems that scared me back before my surgery. I am now on a maintenance program and I love the new me. I haven’t been this size since I was in 6th grade. I now have the tool it takes to help me loose the weight and keep it off. Thanks to Dr. Bagnato and everyone involved in my Lap-Band Journey.

My heaviest weight: 300 pounds in 2006

My Goal weight: 150 pounds July 2012

My Lap-Band Surgery: 2007