Margaret & Miranda: LAP-BAND Surgery

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Margaret & Miranda: LAP-BAND Surgery

“My grandmother’s problems with her weight began in 1985 at 265lbs. After many unsuccessful attempts of dieting and gaining back the weight she had lost, she resorted to Gastric Bypass surgery in 1986. She lost down to 180lbs. However, by 1989 she had gained over 100lbs and was at a staggering 285lbs. In 1999 she traveled to Shands Hospital in Gainseville, Florida to undergo surgery to revise the Gastric Bypass as well as a hernia repair.

After recovering from surgery she would later suffer from an on the job injury to her knee and shoulder. She was forced into early retirement due to her injuries. Before she could have knee replacement surgery on both of her knees she was advised that she would have to get her weight down to or below 150lbs.

She sought advice from Dr. John Bagnato to find out if Lap band surgery could be done after a gastric bypass surgery. In Early 2010 she had the Lap Band procedure. She was so pleased with her results, which is why she encouraged me, her granddaughter, to also have the lapband surgery.

I was diagnosed with diabetes in late 2009. My diagnosis of diabetes meant that I would have to use insulin. I had my surgery done in September of 2010. Now 16 months later, I am 64 lbs lighter at 169lbs and no longer insulin dependant! Did I mention that my grandmother no longer needs knee replacement? She has lost enough weight that her joints are no longer causing her pain.

We are happier than we have been in a long time.

We are very grateful for Dr. Bagnato for helping us change our lives.