Justin: LAP-BAND Surgery

Justin Lap Band Surgery

My name is Justin K. I am 27 years old. I had lap-band surgery on June 1st, 2012. In early 2012 I weighed in over 330 pounds and knew I had to make a change, and make it as quick as possible for my well-being. I had heard about different gastric surgeries and procedures to help people in my situation and studied them for a very long time, and always found the lap-band surgery as the safest, most strategic tool to help me.

I debated for a long period of time, wondering if this surgery would be worth it and if I would be able to follow through with the process and make the lap-band be an efficient tool in helping me lose weight and meet my weight loss goal.

After I made my mind up, I contacted the office of Dr. Bagnato in Macon and they made it very easy and manageable to get the process started. At the time of surgery, I had lost about 15 pounds during the “sugar buster “ diet that I was placed on before surgery. Today, I weigh in at 216 pounds and I have never been as happy in my whole life with my appearance and health!

Before getting Lap-Band I had high blood pressure, terrible anxiety attacks, and had developed a slight depression. The lap-band was exactly the tool I needed to beat these problems and become a much healthier me. I always like to refer to the band as a tool because it is by no means the “magic cure” for obesity. By not following the nutrition plans or deliberately eating foods that we know are not healthy for us, the band would be almost meaningless. But after making sure to follow the nutrition guidelines given to me , and becoming used to the lifestyle changes to the way I eat, it is something I would no doubt do a hundred times over !

I do believe a support group is very important for success and that un-attainable, un-realistic goals are not a great way to stay motivated for weight loss. The band was my tool to keep losing weight over a long period of time and I am STILL losing weight today.

My weight loss goal in the beginning was to get to 250 pounds and I have surpassed that goal. I am now shooting to be under 200 pounds! After seeing the lap-band help me go from 330 pounds, 46 inch waist and 4-XL shirt sizes to 216 pound, a 34 inch waist and a large shirt size, I continually recommend this procedure to everyone that has made up their minds that they are through with being unhealthy and overweight; and always try to make sure to offer positive advice to anyone looking to make this lifestyle change.


Surgery Date: June 2012

Starting Weight: 332 lbs. BMI: 49

Current Weight: 216 lbs. BMI: 31

Total Weight Loss: 116 lbs.

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