Asher and Deswarn – Gastric Band Surgery: we’re both happy we made this decision.

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Asher and Deswarn – LAP-BAND Surgery

My name is Asher. I’m 40 years old and I had the lap band on April 11, 2014 weighing 287.6 at 5’9, wearing size 22 pants, 2/3x shirts and 48DD bra. Today, May 31, 2016, I weigh 177, size 8/10 pants, size large shirt and 36DD bra. My goal is 167 which I’ve been striving for for several months. I feel like if I get there, I wouldn’t have to stress out about gaining 1lb or 2 when I get to the maintaining stage. If that’s true or not, who knows, I’ll let you know when I reach my goal.

My workout started by walking outside 3-5 miles for over a year. I joined a gym with a friend that had the surgery 2 weeks after me. Our workout regimen was just treadmill for an hour for a long time, because that’s all we felt comfortable to do. Then we moved to the elliptical and free weights about 4 days a week or more. So I have toned up a lot. I’ve made peace that the gym or some type of activity will be a part of my life. I actually look forward to going… some days.

This is NOT a quick fix. The band doesn’t make food choices for you or stop you from eating. It is a tool. You get what you give. If you didn’t make the best food decisions at one meal or one entire day, then try again next meal or next day. Good luck on your journey. It’s worth it.

My husband, Deswarn, had his surgery Sept 4 2014 weighing 386 lbs., wearing size 48 pants and 5/6x shirt. Currently at 278 lbs., 38 pant and 2x shirt. I workout twice a day four days a week and my goal is 210lbs. It’s been quite a journey and many peaks and valleys, but we’re both happy we made this decision.

Patient: Asher M. and Deswarn M.

Surgery Date: 04/2014 and 09/2014

Start Weight: 288/386 BMI: 44/57.5

Current Weight: 177/277 BMI: 27 /40

Total Weight Loss: A-111lb D-109 Together – 220!