Jami: LAP-BAND Surgery

Jami Lap Band Surgery

I guess you could say that I was always on the bigger side as a child. As I aged, my weight increased. By college, it was ridiculous. I had a hard time walking, riding my horse, or doing anything physical. Eating, however, was never an issue. After college I got married, and had a son. I had an extremely difficult time getting pregnant because of my weight. My weight issues also caused me to be a gestational diabetic, which in turn caused me to have a high risk pregnancy. When my son was born, he too suffered from the effects of the gestational diabetes. It is an awful feeling knowing that you had something to do with the fact that your newborn is born 3 weeks premature and weighed 10 pounds. My weight steadily increased due to depression. I tried every fad diet out there, every miracle cure there was, but nothing helped. I became desperate to be able to interact with my son, and have a normal life. I was online one night, and stumbled across Dr. Bagnato’s website. I was extremely hesitant, but after much deliberation, I decided to make a call. That call saved my life. I had my surgery November 15, 2012, and I have lost 125 pounds to date. I could not be more pleased. Thanks Dr. Bagnato and staff for giving me my life back!

Surgery Date:  November 2012

Start Weight: 331   BMI:  55

Current Weight: 206  BMI:  32

Total Weight Loss: 125 lbs.

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