Gary C: LAP-BAND Surgery

Gary C Weight Loss Success

This is a testimonial, and thank you to Dr. Bagnato, Missy, Cindy, Leslie, Anne and the other staff who have been guiding me on my weight loss journey since 2011. I have been extremely overweight for a number of years, and like everyone, I had tried various diets with little or no success. I had seen results of bariatric stomach bypasses with a couple of friends, but was not comfortable with that procedure because of apparent lack of reversal if something went amiss. I was very much interested in the LAP-BAND procedure when I heard of it. However, we were told that our insurance would not cover it and I could not afford to pay for it. Upon further examination of insurance options we found that with different coverage it would be covered, so I immediately acted and with Missy’s help I got accepted into the program.

After attending the procedural seminar given by Dr. Bagnato, I was on my way through the six months of sugar busters and weigh-ins. At the beginning I weighed 417 pounds wore a size 5x in shirts, 58-60 pants, was diabetic, had extremely high blood pressure and a blood sugar level of 135+. I was in poor physical shape and was too fat. Probably because of the weight I had to have surgery on an ankle and a knee. My procedure was completed in October of 2011, and I was off to the races with my new LAP-BAND and trying to follow directions concerning eating. Slowly the weight began to come off, but it was a difficult battle. However, I had good support from family and was able to follow orders fairly well.

Today, I weigh 223 pounds wear a 1x shirt, 38-40 pants, am not diabetic, A1C of 5.3, blood pressure of 105/68 (tonight) and blood sugar of 85 – 105. I am hitting plateaus with the weight loss, but it is continuing and I am approaching my end goal. I realize that in order to maintain this loss my habits of eating improperly must be replaced by good, healthy eating habits.

The LAP-BAND ( in my opinion) is a safe procedure that has worked well for me and I highly recommend it to those interested in bariatric procedures, and I know of no one better qualified to perform it than Dr. V. John Bagnato of the Palmyra Surgical group at the Coliseum Northside Hospital in Macon, Ga.

Thanks for giving me a different and extended life.

Surgery Date: October 2011

Start Weight : 417 lbs BMI: 60

Current Weight: 223 lbs BMI: 33

Total Weight Loss: 194 lbs

*Surgical weight loss results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Bagnato about the results you can expect.

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