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Sonia Lap Band Surgery

I am excited to tell you my weight loss story. Thanks to Lap-Band surgery, my whole life has changed. In January of 2011, I went to give blood at an American Red Cross blood drive, but to my disappointment, I was turned down due to extremely high blood pressure (Stroke level). You can only imagine how I felt walking out of the bus with that type of news. My very first thought was my family, that I had two children to raise and I didn’t want them to grow up without their mother. I was so big that I could not enjoy being with my children, I just sat around. I was a size 22W pants and 2XL shirts. I had been on Yo-Yo diets for most of my life.

So I immediately got on the phone with Palmyra Surgical to see what I needed to do to have the lap-band. I had my mind set that this was going to be the tool that helped me get my life back. I was told that we would have to check with my insurance for coverage, but in the meantime I wanted to start on what ever diet they put patience’s on prior to surgery. This way once the insurance responded, I could expedite my surgery date. I started on the Sugar Buster diet at the weight of 274. When the insurance acceptance letter came in and my surgery was scheduled for March 2011, I was already ahead of the game. I had lost 18 pounds. Now two years later and 106 pounds lighter, I can enjoy life with my children by playing in the outdoors, riding horses, walking dogs and whatever else my family wants to do. I am currently a size 9/10 pants and S/M shirts.

I would recommend this procedure to anyone that has been dealing with weight loss. Thank you to the Palmyra Surgical staff and Dr. Bagnato for your professionalism, patience, care, and support.

Surgery Date: March 2011

Beginning Weight: 274 BMI: 43

Current Weight: 168 BMI: 26

Total Lost: 106