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My name is Torahel P. My Lap Band journey started April 4, 2014. I struggled with my weight for years, and it was not getting better as time went on. Well, 2014 was my year.  I decided to do some research.  I came across this doctor, who was local for me. I attended a seminar, and it helped to remove my fears. One year later, I am 130 pounds lighter. I started out at 320! I am more active now, with plenty of energy. Dr. John Bagnato and his staff at Palmyra Surgical in Macon, GA helped me to get my weight under control. Thank you so much!

Patient:   Torachel

Surgery Date:  4/4/2015

Start Weight :  340 lbs.       BMI:  60

Current Weight: 210 lbs.   BMI:  36 Total Weight Loss:  130 lbs.