My Journey…My Story…My Way!

Tracey B weight loss successI remember as if it was yesterday, I went to a stakeholders meeting which was literally 50 steps or less from my car. When I arrived and sat down, everyone was comfortable except me. I was sweating heavily and breathing as if I had ran a marathon. I spent the entire meeting fanning with the handouts given.

Later that night, I took off all my clothing and cried in the mirror for hours. This was the first step to my change. Understanding that my weight could kill me if didn’t do something. Remember ladies, the first step is not acceptance but acknowledgment of your current state.

After studying options, I was led to Dr. Bagnato who is absolutely amazing. I followed his instructions as directed by him and the insurance company. Doing so got me approved for the surgery. Here I am over six years later still learning myself and my band.

I always thought that I wanted to reach what Laplanders call “Onederland” which means weighing between 100 and 199. Well that look did not look well on me. What is so awesome about the band compared to other weight loss surgeries is your ability to make adjustments. Now I’m 215 and as you can see, it works for me.

Important Advice!

  1. Acknowledge the need to make a change
  2. Choose a good doctor. Dr. Bagnato is the Best!
  3. Don’t compare your journey to anyone else.
  4. Keep a journal. Trust me you will be glad you did
  5. The band is only a TOOL! You still have serious work to do.
  6. Celebrate every milestone.
*Surgical weight loss results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Bagnato about the results you can expect.

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