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Video Transcript

Dr. B: So you are about 8 to 9 months after Lap Band.  How much weight have you lost?

Kim: 62 pounds.

Dr. B:  And the surgery was as outpatient surgery

Kim:  Yes Sir.

Dr. B: And how was that?

Kim: It was great.  I was your first patient for the one-hole procedure, the single incision.

Dr. B:  There are a lot of people asking about that, would you do that again?  What would you say about it?

Kim:  It was great.  I had it Thursday and went back to work on Tuesday, though I could have gone back to work on Monday.

Dr. B: Do you think that the single incision is worth it?  Because I’m not sure myself, and I would like to know what you think.

Kim: I think it is.  I did not have much pain. It was really easy to just get back into life.  Great! Wonderful!

Dr. B:  Are you happy with it?

Kim: Yes.  I thought I could not eat some things for the rest of my life… But I can eat anything. 

Dr. B: Well you know that is a very important point.  A lot of people don’t really understand that.  So you don’t have to limit your diet per-say.

Kim: But now since I had the Lap Band when I eat sweets… it’s kind of turned off my sweet tooth.. So now when I eat something sweet, I just don’t want that.

Dr. B:  So it helps you control that. 

Kim:  Yes.

Dr. B: That’s really good.

Kim: I hear people say that it does not help them.  But it helps me.

Dr B: Yes, there is a lot of variation from patient to patient.  That’s why I think is so important that patients hear other patients talk.  What about activities?  Can you do anything that you could not do before?

Kim:  Reading story books to my girls and I don’t get out of breath. Playing with them.  We play and run.  They like to be my trainers, doing exercise.  We exercise together.

Dr B:  So you have an exercise routine.

Kim: Yes, we exercise together.  I am teaching them to exercise too. 

Dr. B: So what kind of work do you do?

Kim: Dental Hygienist.

Dr. B: Has it changed anything at work?  Does it help you at work much, do you think?

Kim:  I think so.  Right after lunch after I eat something and I would be cleaning my first patient, I would be breathing heavy. And now I don’t breath heavy.

Dr B: Can you sense there how people interact with you?

Kim: I do. I do. 

Dr. B: That’s one of the things we don’t like to talk about.  People don’t really like to talk about this but since you are in the medical field.   Do you think that people regard you differently?

Kim: I had a patient before, an older gentleman that told me once, “you  just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger”.  I think people are more friendly and outgoing with you when you are smaller than when you are bigger. 

Dr. B:  It’s a shame but it I think it is true.

Kim:  It is true. It is true.

Dr. B: So that’s an important part of what you are doing because you are dealing with the public everyday.

Kim:  I even mentioned to my husband, I will probably get a lot more patients now that I am slimmer and he said you think so? That is something.

Dr. B: I hate to admit it but I think it’s true.  And I think that most people don’t like to talk about it but it is an important part. Ah, I mean, big folks are discriminated against

Kim:  Yeah… Yeah… Even if you do a good job cleaning teeth, you know, if you look good, I want her to clean my teeth. 

Dr. B:  Yeah… That’s right.   How about the Lap Band fills? How often do you get the fills?

Kim: I get them about every 3 to 4 weeks. And, doing great..  I just got a fill last week and every one said, you are going to get a fill just before Thanksgiving? And I said yeah!

Dr. B: So, you go over to the Bariatric Center to get your fills?  Is it Amy or Michelle?

Kim: Michelle last time, but Amy does it too. They are all friendly.

Dr. B: How long does it take for you to get a fill?

Kim: Maybe you are in and out it takes about 15 minutes.

Dr. B: Your port is up here in the shoulder.

Kim: Mine is down here (pointing to the mid section)

Dr. B: Oh, that is right, I forgot that. And is it easy to get to?

Kim: Yes.  They just have to lay me down to do it instead of sitting up. And it doesn’t hurt to get the fill.  They don’t ever hurt me.

Dr. B: Pretty easy to do.

Kim: Oh Yeah. Real easy

Dr. B: Alright then, congratulations. 

Kim: If I had to do it again, I would say I’d do it right now. Don’t take my lap band away.

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