Stephanie: LAP-BAND Surgery

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My name is Stephanie, I am a 29 year old mother of a vivacious four year old daughter, wife to an avid sportsman and step mom to a seven year old football-baseball-skateboard-four wheeler fanatic.

Stephanie: LAP-BAND Surgery

I have been overweight for as long as I can remember. All my life I was picked on, called names and left out because of my size. I tried diet after diet: anything from miracle soups, diet pills, Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers and even drank vinegar everyday because some genius told me it burned fat. All this was to no avail. Then I began to hear Lap-Band stories. Honestly, I thought it was just some more lucky people who lost weight and I couldn’t and even if it did work- I couldn’t afford it. Reluctantly I attended the seminar and left with a lump in my throat because I knew I wouldn’t rest until I had the surgery (and neither would Dr. Bagnato’s staff). Surprisingly, I was approved after much ado and on July 7, 2008 I had my surgery at a whooping 327 pounds. Today I weigh 232 lbs.

I have lost 95 lbs with the lap band. The very minor difficulties are nothing compared to the absolute triumph I experience looking in the mirror. Although I have more weight to lose the fact that I have come this far makes the process that much easier and life so much better. I have 100% more self confidence. I feel good about myself and my appearance. I don’t have near the aches and pains I used to, my health has absolutely done a 360. I no longer struggle with my blood sugar or blood pressure nor do I have any female problems anymore. The only struggle I have with clothes is that all mine are too big! HA! Imagine that! I proudly attend functions for our children and can survive an entire day on the river or in the woods with my husband. Just this past weekend I went to the beach and wore a bathing suit-with NO SHORTS!!! What a Blessing! Thank you Lap-Band system! And, a special thank you to Dr. Bagnato’s staff for answering every question, patiently.

Please see what a dramatic difference this has made in my life as well as my family’s.