Erin: LAP-BAND Surgery

Erin: LAP-BAND Surgery

Confidence. It is amazing how one small word can change everything. Confidence is something I struggled with growing up; something I feigned so I wouldn’t be pitied but never truly had. My lack of confidence was born in my distaste for my body. I had always been a lot larger than everyone else. I was the “fat friend” in my group. When I started college as a theater major, I knew that my body was a large part of what I do. The body is the actor’s main tool other than the voice. The appearance is judged far before your talent in this industry. Not to mention that I also have various auto-immune disorders, asthma, joint problems, and much, much more. That was reason enough to consider the Lap-Band. I was teetering on a very dangerous line and I was afraid that if I didn’t change, I would be hospitalized or worse.

I did my research. I talked to my doctors, my family, and prayed about it. I knew, after extensive research, that this was my way to start living. I want so much out of life and the Lap-Band has helped me live it to the fullest extent. After the Lap-Band, I got more involved with dance and theater. My friends started to play ultimate frisbee and I didn’t sit out or use my inhaler, my joints didn’t hurt as much, everything was different. I began to get cast more and more. I even participated in my first ballet! Doors were opening for me and I felt confident to pursue every venture my heart desired and I still do! I still have a way to go, but so far I have lost about 55 lbs. and I have gained more confidence than I could ever dream. I also have noticed a significant change in my health. I plan to continue dance and run a 5k (something I never dreamed I could even think about) by January. Who knew that I could gain so much from a weight loss surgery?

Date of Surgery: 12-17-10

Before weight: 252 BMI: 49

Current weight: 194 BMI: 27

Total weight loss: 58


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