Devincey H: Lap Band Surgery

Choosing the lap band as my method for weight loss was the best decision that I could have ever made starting at 426lb and currently at 325lb my life has changed drastically. Once deciding that the time was now to find a healthier me is when I started the research and found Dr. Bagnato at Palmyra Surgical. After my surgery I followed all the rules and guidelines that were presented to me. Some days were better than others but I managed to stay focus and listen to my body. While progressing through each stage I realize that I was eating to live not living to eat. I manage to lose the weight at a slower pace and have kept it off. Applying exercise and weight training has allowed me to stay on the right path.  The scale is moving, and the best part is. It’s moving in the right direction and I could not be happier.

Patient name: Devincey H

Surgery Date: 10/2/15

Start Weight : 426                         BMI: 53.24

Current weight: 325                     BMI: 40.62

Total weight loss :  101

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