Chris T – LAP-BAND Surgery

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Chris T – LAP-BAND Surgery

Chris T – LAP-BAND Surgery

After years of failed diets, pill popping, slim drinks, and even wraps, I finally tipped the scales at 291 pounds.  I put my hands up and said NO MORE! I had to take control of my weight.  I had the lap band surgery in November of 2014. The nurses during my fill visits were always willing to answer questions and listen to concerns.  It had been the ‘tool’ that I needed to get control of my eating, but I found that I and only I have the will power to make this work.

Exercising and journaling has also been a life saver to keep me accountable throughout my day. 2 1/2 years later I’ve lost 110 pounds. I’ve never been happier and confident in my life as I am today.  My family has been my support throughout my journey.  I even promised my daughter that if I lost 100 pounds I would do a beauty pageant. Well here is the result, I’m a queen mom!

Patient:   Chris T.

Surgery Date:  11/2013

Start Weight: 291lbs       BMI:  47

Current Weight: 181lbs      BMI:  29

Total Weight Loss: 110lbs