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Bariatric surgery results Melanie

LAP-BAND Surgery: April 2006

Let me begin by saying, I love my Lap Band. It has brought so much joy into my life with such a simple surgery. I would have never been nervous if I would’ve known what to expect!!

About 6 months before my surgery, my mother came home and was talking to me about this surgery. We had discussed the gastric bypass many times before but I couldn’t see risking my life just to lose weight. I was nervous and very hesitant about taking on such a daunting adventure but I had to do it for myself. I was only 22 years old when I had the procedure done. I wanted to live a long and happy life and knew that this was an avenue for me to get there.

I went ahead with the surgery and I could not be any happier to this day. Over the last 2 years I have had many events happen in my life that would have ordinarily caused a person to gain a lot of weight. From having a baby to the death of my mother, I not only lost weight but I passed my goal weight!! I absolutely give all of the credit to my band!! It has been hard but I have made it.

I have to give credit to some amazing people in my life. First, I have an awesome surgeon with an awesome surgical team. I have never really met a doctor like Dr. Bagnato. He has always been very encouraging and kept me on the right track to losing my weight. There were times when I had to ask him some “silly” questions but overall, I am glad to have him in my life!!

Also, I had an awesome mom who kept me on track as well. She helped start the wonderful program at Palmyra and gave it her all while she was with us!! I, along with many others, was fortunate to have such a caring advisor through my journey even though she was my mom.

Last but not least, the Palmyra Obesity Treatment Center has been awesome. As I stated before, I had many events happen but they were right there to help me out. The nurses and staff at the Obesity Treatment Center took care of me like I was family!! I could not have done it without them!!