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vickie w weight loss success

My name is Vickie. I have been overweight since I was thirteen years old. In 2013 I started getting serious about my weight. My mother was going through a lot of health problems, and I didn’t want that for myself. I checked out weight loss surgery, and I knew the Lap Band was the right choice for me. I knew it wasn’t a direct solution to my problem, but that it was a tool to help me solve it. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Bagnato, and he got me started getting ready to have coverage with my insurance.

It was time to change my lifestyle completely. My diet changed, and then I joined a gym. I ended up loving it! We scheduled my surgery for December 30, 2013, and I was his last patient for that year. It was hard work, but I had a lot of support from my husband and family. I have only needed 4cc in my band over 3 years. I exercise every day, and watch what I eat now. This was the best decision I have ever made. I have now lost a total of 184 lbs., and I only have 10 lbs. until I reach my goal. This year on our cruise I even went snorkeling for the first time in my life. It was amazing! Next year my goal is to go zip lining on our next cruise. Look out world, here is the new Vickie! Thank you Dr. Bagnato and staff.

Patient: Vickie W.

Surgery Date: December 2013

Start Weight: 364 BMI: 64

Current Weight: 180 BMI: 30

Total Weight Loss: 184 lbs.