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traci g weight loss success

I cannot tell you how much Dr. Bagnato and his staff has truly changed my life! I’ve yoyo’d in weight most of my adult life. I’d lose weight and then gain 20-80 pounds back, ugh…yes…I said 80 lbs! At a whopping 286 pounds and simply miserable with myself, I was running out of hope. A friend’s husband had the lap band procedure done and had amazing results. I weighed the options and knew that portion control was my major problem. I knew that matching my military machine-of-a-husband plate for plate was not working for me since I didn’t work out TWICE a day (who does that anyhow???).

Not only was I a size 28 or 3XL, I couldn’t sleep at night due to coughing uncontrollably and I had major depression and anxiety due to my size and self-image. I finally set up my appointment and met with Dr. Bagnato in April 2014. Game Changer!!!

I went in for the Lap Band procedure in July 2014 and he repaired the large hiatal hernia he found with the endoscopy as well. Before the summer was over, I was off ALL of my medication (stomach, depression, anxiety, diabetic) and slept like a baby…. whoo! Amazing! I had so much NATURAL energy and at a point where I was getting my self-confidence back. It was slow and controlled, which is the key, when it comes to weight loss for sure.

Now, in April of 2017, I am 146 pounds and comfortably in an 8 or a SMALL dress! Hallelujah! I haven’t gained a pound back since 2014. I still have a long way to go with toning and building that muscle. At almost 42…. elasticity isn’t my friend, lol! I’m getting there! Dr. Bagnato and his staff are AMAZING! I can’t say enough about how they have changed my life! I’ve recommended them to all of my friends and acquaintances over the last few years! They are truly the best at what they do! I’m not, by any means, a work out queen. I don’t live in a gym. Diet is the BIGGEST part and the lap-band does most of it for you! Take in the right amount of protein, vitamins and water and you can do it! I can’t tell you how much I love Dr. Bagnato and his staff. They are top notch!

Patient: Traci G.

Surgery Date: July 2014

Start Weight: 286 lbs. BMI: 48

Current Weight: 146 lbs. BMI: 24

Total Weight Loss: 140 lbs.