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My name is Hilda James and I am 67 years old presently, but when I was around 55 my general doctor told me if I didn’t lose weight I would be dead shortly. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, had poor circulation in my feet and legs, bad knees, diabetes and many other ailments.

I was 250 pounds at my heaviest and wore a size 18. My doctor told me I was a perfect candidate for Lap Band surgery. I made an appointment with Dr. John V. Bagnato. He was very knowledgeable and he and his staff were pleasant. I actually looked forward to getting a fill. All of the staff were always so helpful and encouraged me so much along the journey. The journey wasn’t always pleasant, but with hard work and guidance after one year, I no longer needed medication for diabetes or high blood pressure medication. My congestive heart failure was no longer a problem. My legs and knees stopped hurting. Walking was a pleasure with no pain. I felt like I had a new lease on life. It was difficult at first. No drinking while eating, no bread, smaller portions and if you overeat you may throw up some. For a short while, my favorite meal consisted of ice cream. It went down easy, was delicious, and stayed down. I don’t recommend this. Popsicles are better for you.

I went online and joined a support group and found that I was not alone. I increased my fills little by little and soon was losing more weight. It wasn’t always easy, but at least my life was going in the right direction. Over the years I reached my goal of 150 pounds. I even went as low as 130 and size 6. I found that was too low for my frame. I had some of the fill removed and went back to my goal weight. And have pretty much stayed within ten pounds of that weight.

I would highly recommend the lap band journey and Dr. Bagnato and his staff to anyone that has tried and failed to lose weight on their own. Thanks to God, Dr. Bagnato and staff, I was given a second chance.

Surgery: Dec 2009

Start weight :  250  BMI : 42.91

End weight: 147.0  BMI: 25.23

Weight loss : 103

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