M Bailey: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

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M Bailey: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

I was obese, unhealthy, and on my way to a shorter life. I had knee surgery in the Navy and the only step next was replacement, and it is not time for that. I also had reconstructive elbow surgery with Titanium from my shoulder to my wrist. I tell you this because even with diet nothing was changing. I had to make a choice, so with my loving family behind me and with their encouragement. I choice to get healthy. Sleeve surgery is not the easy way out so understand that it has been a hard path. I am officially down 136 pounds. I still have more to go and for health reasons, I will have to have skin removal surgery soon. I am not telling anyone this for attention or ada boys, infact I do not need them. I did this for my family and myself, and not to be vain. I am sharing this because if there is anyone that knows someone or that has family that is considering this decision and they are on the fence, please have them contact me. I would make this choice 100 times. My DR and his staff are wonderful. Just remember that we are all different, we all loose and gain weight differently. We must decide what is best for us and our loved ones. Please remember to love you no matter what size you are, where you are in life, or what you might have going on physically or mentally. We are in a crazy time and keeping yourself happy is extremely important.

Surgery date: 7/17/19

Start Weight:  297     BMI:47.93

Current Weight: 160   BMI:25.82

Total weight loss: 137 pounds