Becca: LAP-BAND Surgery

Bariatric surgery results Becca
LAP-BAND Surgery Date
Weight Loss: 92 lbs

Ok, I was born a whopping 10lb 11oz baby… that’s a huge baby! By the 9th grade I was a size 22/24.

My brother was a body builder, my sister a size zero, and then there was me… How unfair is that? I never seemed to fit in with people… or clothes for that matter. By the age of 7, yes 7, I had had enough.

I started Weight Watchers with my grandmother who thought it would help. Anybody carrying extra pounds is familiar with the program but then it was the South Beach Diet, Atkins Diet, Soup Diet, and the “Just Don’t Eat Diet”. I’d lose the weight then slowly all those pounds would find a way back to me – I’d end up right back where I started… alone, tired and hopeless… wasting all of my hard work and money!

I prayed every night for a miracle then one day I saw an ad for Dr. John Bagnato with the Lap-Band. It took me a year to save the money and prepare for the surgery but I never gave up. I got my band in 2007; one year later and 93lbs lighter I was there. I had successfully lost the weight but… not only did I lose the pounds I gained my self confidence. I was normal and being taken seriously – people were seeing me, not the shell I was in.

Now, another year later I have successfully kept off the weight – not even fluctuating a pound – I am a size 10 and buying a whole new wardrobe. While shopping my eyes fell on the cutest bikini I had ever seen, yes two pieces! I am 26 years old and have never been in a bikini… not even as a baby. I took a deep breath and tried it on. I actually started crying. They were tears of joy… I was in a two piece bathing suit and looked better than ever!

I am proud of me and feel alive for the first time. I wasted so much of my life, time and tears being overweight. This is how life is supposed to be… I got my miracle… everybody deserves one!

*Surgical weight loss results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Bagnato about the results you can expect.


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  • Cristin says:

    I read your results..congrats..I wish that were me. May I ask if the surgery was very expensive. Its my dream to wear a bikni…wear a dress.. and just be happy thanks for any info

  • Dr. Bagnato says:


    Cost is an important consideration for all of my patients. Some insurance pays for bariatric surgery and in other cases patients use healthcare financing options like Care Credit. The investment is similar to purchasing a small car. The important point is that it is an investment not a cost. You are investing in your health and making changes that will affect almost every aspect of your life. You’ll live longer and better as a result of this surgery.
    As a doctor, and a witness to the transformations that my patients make after this surgery, I cannot think of anyone who has felt the investment wasn’t worth it after they reach their goal weight.
    By the way – your dream to wear a dress or a bikini is achievable. I hope you find a way to make it happen.
    Dr. B

  • tralanthia says:

    i just want to say you look goood and your story hit home for me because i’m 27 and wearing a size 22/24. i so badly want to be in your shoes one day i was wondering about the cost of the surgery i just got insurance with my job put i don’t know how it works could you please give me some information. thanks and again your new you looks goood

  • Erika says:

    I think you can check around to see about financing. When I got ready to have my surgery, I had so many questions and money was definately one of them. You might want to call the doctor’s ofc and ask them too. Once you get it in your head that this is the decision for you – it can consume you and you start thinking of ways to get the procedure financed. I actually went to my best friend who was kind enough to put it on her credit card for me – I OWE HER FOR LIFE, LITERALLY!!!

  • Margaret says:

    When I first went to Dr. Bagnato’s free seminar I quickly found out that my insurance did not cover the procedure. My husband and I both wanted the procedure. Before we were able to look into financing, our insurance company began to cover it and we were both done. Before that a friend had the surgery and she paid monthly for hers to a company that loaned her all the money. Her comment was just what Dr. Bagnato said-it was like paying for a little car but it made a big difference in her life.

  • applis says:

    Go to a seminar…Becca is my niece and I saw her success. I went to a seminar after I changed insurance companies. There is a process for getting the surgery covered. It took me 5 monthes. I had surgery in Feb. I am now 54 lbs lighter. This surgery is changing my life. I have a long way to go. I started 173 lbs overweight!!! I have 119lbs to go but with God’s help and the lapband I am sure I can do it.

  • Margaret says:

    You look great! I want to have the surgery as well. I keep waiting for the insurance. I’m retired and being on a fixed income is hard to try to pay for it myself. I am really discouraged because I not only want it, I need it.

  • Brenda says:

    Dr. Bagnatos comment that this is an investment in your health couldn’t be more true. I recently had my surgery at age 41, and wish I had it done years ago. My insurancce did not cover it, so I also saved for the surgery. We find the money to buy cars, homes, have things added to our homes, but not ourselves? You are more important than any of those things, so invest in yourself.

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