Rita: LAP-BAND Surgery

Bariatric surgery results Rita
LAP-BAND Surgery: February 2006
Weight Loss: 153 lbs

My name is Rita and Dr. Bagnato preformed my Lap-Band surgery in February 2006…almost 2 years ago. It has completely changed my life and I would do it again tomorrow if needed. I began my journey weighing in at 416.5 pounds on the day of surgery (and that was after losing 41 pounds during my sugar-busting time frame required before surgery.) Today I weigh 305 pounds, which is 111.5 pounds lighter since the day of surgery and 153 pounds total weight loss to date. In a recent Healthy Life Profile that my Company requires where we are tested for 8 risk factors, I went from 6 high risk factors out of 8 in 2006 to 1 high risk factor in 2008. This surgery has definitely saved my life.

*Surgical weight loss results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Bagnato about the results you can expect.


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