Inezia: LAP-BAND Surgery

inezia weight loss success

I had the Lap band surgery done on October 24, 2014. When I had surgery I weighed 278 lbs., and was wearing a size 26 in plus size clothing. Now after only eleven months I weigh 199 lbs., and I wear a size 16. I am no longer taking blood pressure medication, and I am off all of my diabetic medication too. It was not easy for me. My Lap Band helped me learn to portion my foods out, and I also had to learn what I could and couldn’t eat. Through it all, it was worth it to be where I am at now. Even though I look great now, my goal is to continue losing weight. I want to lose 50 more lbs. I would like to thank my wonderful doctor, Dr. Bagnato, and his wonderful staff who were by my side the whole time.

Patient:   Inezia

Surgery Date:  10/2014

Start Weight:  278       BMI:  46

Current Weight: 199   BMI:  32

Total Weight Loss:  81 lbs.

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