Amanda: LAP-BAND Surgery*

Amanda: LAP-BAND Surgery

Hello, my name is Amanda. The LAP-BAND surgery has changed my life, tremendously. Before LAP-BAND surgery, I weighed 323.5 pounds. I underwent surgery on February 14, 2011 and by February 14, 2012, one year after my surgery, I had lost 87.5 pounds, bringing my weight down to 236 pounds. As of April 17, 2012, I have lost a total of 95 pounds and have gone down four dress sizes! My current weight is 228 pounds.

After surgery, I experienced no nausea and no pain. There was slight discomfort and itching at the incision site during the healing process. I was back to work in as little as two days after surgery: no loss of work.

Since the surgery, I am no longer on blood pressure medicine and do not have to use a C-PAP machine. Playing with my four-year old son, Tom, is no longer a struggle. I do not have any problems breathing and I no longer need assistance getting up from the floor. My energy level has improved and I’ve noticed no pain in my knees and ankles. Fitting into chairs is no longer a struggle for me. Recently, I made my 1st trip to the beach in over 10 years, wearing a bathing suit instead of a t-shirt and shorts.

I made the decision to change my lifestyle when it comes to my health for me and my family. This has been one of the best choices that I have made in my life.

*Weight loss surgery and non-surgical procedure results vary between individuals depending on the initial weight, medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to Dr. Bagnato about the results you can expect.

Elizabeth Bradshaw
Looking Good, My Niece. Love you.
pam kitchens
I am 64 and had WLS in July of this year Dr Bagnato did mine and So far Ive lost 31 pounds Just have to get more exercise in there
Judy Ingrum
Has anybody age 65 or older had lap-band surgery? If, so how did you do?
D'ete Coley
Amazing! Congrats!
Amanda Simpson
May 2012 weight loss is now 107 pounds!
Kathy Green look amazing...CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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