Surgery Experience

The 10 Commandments of Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Apr 25 in Surgery Experience by

There is a lot to learn about life after weight loss surgery. Diet changes, new exercise habits, attitude adjustments—the entire process can be a lot to take in. [Read more]

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How Will You Use Your Weight Loss Surgery?

Posted: Oct 30 in Surgery Experience by

Your Lap Band is a weight loss tool, and like many tools, it needs some additional power to get it to work properly. You are the supplier of your Lap Band’s “power” (metaphorically speaking of course), and it’s up to you to use your Lap Band to reinvent your health both physically and mentally. [Read more]

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A Healthy Way of Thinking

Posted: Sep 28 in Surgery Experience by

After Lap Band surgery, it’s up to you to change what and how you eat, as well as the way you think about eating. Transitioning from what may have been an anything-goes attitude towards diet into a strict mindset regarding food after gastric band surgery is challenging. One of the first steps you’ll take along your weight loss journey is mentally accepting new dietary changes. [Read more]


Signs of Success after Lap Band Surgery

Posted: Jul 31 in Surgery Experience by

As you transition into a healthier lifestyle after Lap Band Surgery, you’ll likely be keeping track of all the weight loss success signs you possibly can. [Read more]

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Benefits of Pre-Surgery Weight Loss

Posted: Nov 10 in Surgery Experience by

When the medical records of over 800 weight-loss surgery patients were examined, it was discovered that those who lost weight before the procedure had fewer incidents of kidney problems, clots and infections post-surgery. [Read more]


Preparing for Lap Band

Posted: Oct 19 in Surgery Experience by

The first step in preparing for lap band surgery is to make sure you understand exactly what lap band surgery entails. Even after lap band surgery, you won’t lose weight unless you follow certain rules. [Read more]


Obesity Surgery and You

Posted: Sep 27 in Surgery Experience by

Not every adult who wants, or needs, to lose weight is a good candidate for bariatric surgery. However, if one or more of these criteria applies to you, then surgery for weight loss may be an option for you. [Read more]


Diet before Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Aug 18 in Surgery Experience by

While most people know that their diet will change for life after they have weight control surgery, few realize that they may have to alter how they eat before surgery, too. Chances are your doctor will want you to lose weight before you undergo bariatric surgery. [Read more]


4 Tips to Prepare for Lap-Band Surgery

Posted: Jul 05 in Surgery Experience by

If you and your Albany, GA doctor have determined that Lap Band surgery is the right choice for you, there are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare for your weight loss surgery. [Read more]


Shorter Hospital Stay and Faster Weight Loss Linked to Weight Loss Preceding Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Jun 21 in Surgery Experience by

Those who lose five to 10 percent of their extra body weight before weight loss surgery have faster success after surgery. [Read more]