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Reasons to Consider Weight Loss Surgery

Posted: Dec 20 in Surgery Choices by

Getting weight loss surgery is a choice that can have a major influence on your health and quality of life for years to come. The conversation surrounding weight loss surgery may come up at the advice of a doctor, after seeing a friend who was successful in their weight loss efforts or maybe after a series of frustrating weight loss attempts. [Read more]


No Magic Bullet

Posted: Jul 24 in Surgery Choices by

The recent release of the first FDA approved weight loss medication in over a decade has prompted quite a conversation about the best ways to lose weight. The small amount of weight loss that this pill can supply is not enough to make the drastic changes necessary in an obese person’s life. [Read more]

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Surgery for Weight Loss: Finding Your Personal Motivation

Posted: Feb 07 in Surgery Choices by

Surgery for weight loss provides an opportunity to start the process of losing weight and enjoying improved health. Here are a few of the benefits of weight loss surgery that may be able to function as motivators for you along your weight loss journey. [Read more]


Speaking with Your Doctor is Beneficial to Weight Loss

Posted: Dec 15 in Surgery Choices by

If you are overweight or obese and are struggling to lose weight on your own, then speaking with a weight loss specialist may be one of the most beneficial steps that you can take on route to living a healthier lifestyle. All too often, general physicians do not discuss weight issues during annual checkups, even when the patient is expecting and possibly even craving the medical advice. [Read more]

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Increasing Your Metabolism

Posted: Oct 28 in Surgery Choices by

Do you need to lose a substantial amount of weight? These days, it seems like everyone is looking for quick results. There is a difference, however, between finding a fast paced weight loss program that offers false results and steady weight loss that increases your metabolism and weight loss momentum. Momentum keeps you going and feeds healthy, weight-loss producing habits, while giving you positive feedback. If you are looking to lose a substantial amount of weight, trying more than one weight loss method with the supervision of your local Valdosta doctor is key to building momentum. Two methods of weight loss that are available for those with a substantial amount of weight to lose include stomach banding and lifestyle modifications to increase your metabolism. [Read more]


Diets vs. Lifestyle Changes

Posted: Aug 30 in Surgery Choices by

Going on a “diet” to lose weight has been a popular tool for years. Although diets can help people lose weight quickly, they often fail at keeping weight off long term. On the other hand, lifestyle changes incorporated in conjunction with weight control surgery, such as the Lap Band procedure in Columbus, help people maintain long-term weight loss while improving their health. [Read more]


Types of Bariatric Surgical Procedures for Weight Loss

Posted: Aug 22 in Surgery Choices by

Bariatric surgery involves a number of different types of surgeries to help obese and morbidly obese individuals lose weight. [Read more]

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Heart Disease Makes Weight Loss Surgery an Option for More People

Posted: Mar 31 in Surgery Choices by

People who struggle with heart disease are often eligible to get weight loss surgery at a lower BMI level than those who do not have any obesity related illnesses. [Read more]

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New Opportunity for Weight Loss Surgery

Posted: Jan 24 in Surgery Choices by

An advisory committee with the FDA recently determined that lap band surgery is suitable for patients with a BMI (body mass index) as low as 30. The weight loss surgery had previously been recommended for those who were at least 100 pounds overweight with a BMI of at least 40.
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Waiting Period Before Bariatric Surgery May Be Unnecessary

Posted: Jul 19 in Surgery Choices by

If you are relying on your health insurance provider to cover the costs related to your bariatric surgery, you may have heard about the mandatory waiting period. Many insurance companies require a patient to wait up to six months from receiving approval before they can have the actual surgery. [Read more]