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Never Too Late for Weight Loss

Posted: Aug 05 in Lifestyle and Activity by

By this point it is a well-known fact that obesity rates have been on the rise. It’s been all over the news, HBO put out a multi-part documentary on the subject and countless books have been published, all echoing the fact that in the last 30 years obesity rates have more than doubled. The South, including Atlanta, is one of the biggest hotbeds for obesity in the United States. [Read more]


The Early Bird Gets the Workout

Posted: May 28 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Picture yourself rising when the sun does, lacing up your running shoes just as the world begins to stir. By the time you’re out the door, you still have two hours left before work—plenty of time to get to the gym, warm up, work out, cool down and get ready for the day ahead. [Read more]


Finding Time after Weight Loss Surgery

Posted: Mar 30 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Being “busy” has overrun many people’s lives. After weight loss surgery, you need to stop busyness in its tracks – especially when it leaves you with little time for important habits like working out and following the post lap-band eating guidelines. [Read more]


Building Weekend Willpower

Posted: Mar 30 in Lifestyle and Activity by

We often fudge our rules a little on the weekend. We stay up later and sleep in later, and get the R&R we didn’t have time for in the busy work week. We are tempted by weekend barbeques, family get-togethers and endless happy hours with friends, and this can sometimes make us forget all about our weight loss surgeon’s dietary guidelines. [Read more]


Manage Anxiety after Bariatric Surgery

Posted: Mar 03 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Stress and anxiety are pretty common during the months and weeks leading up to weight loss surgery as you mentally and physically prepare for your new lifestyle. [Read more]


How to Exercise with Elastic Bands

Posted: Feb 27 in Lifestyle and Activity by

If you’re trying to find a gentle work out after your weight loss surgery and find that going to a gym is too expensive or inconvenient, elastic bands are a convenient way to practice resistance training at home. [Read more]


Setting Goals and Obtaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted: Jan 06 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Did you make New Year’s resolutions this year? About forty percent of Americans do and, though it is not scientifically shown, you can bet most of them involve some form of losing weight and getting healthy. What has been shown scientifically, kudos to University of Scranton, is that only 8% of people making resolutions stick to them. [Read more]


Healthy Shopping Tips We Could All Use

Posted: Nov 05 in Lifestyle and Activity by

Keeping healthy ingredients in your kitchen makes it easier to cook healthy meals. But how do you get these nutritious foods from the grocery store to your kitchen without giving in to the temptation of buying Double-Stuffed Oreos and barbecue-flavor potato chips? And how do you know what you are buying is as healthy for you as it claims to be on the label? [Read more]


Maintaining Good Health with Exercise

Posted: Oct 30 in Lifestyle and Activity by

When lap band surgery is completed, it is important to follow the instructions of a medical professional about the exercise that is appropriate. Even though it may not be possible to engage in aggressive exercise routines immediately after completing the surgery, it is still important to exercise regularly. After your body has healed, it may be possible to gradually increase the exercise until you have formed a new and healthy habit. [Read more]


Increase Activity and Decrease Sitting

Posted: Jul 30 in Lifestyle and Activity by

According to a study published in the European journal Diabetologia in July 2014, increased physical activity and decreased sitting not only helps people lose weight, but it can prevent obesity and decrease the risk of weight-related diseases. In fact, people who have a sedentary lifestyle and are not physically active are four times more likely to become obese than people who have opposite lifestyles, the study reported. [Read more]