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By this point it is a well-known fact that obesity rates have been on the rise. It’s been all over the news, HBO put out a multi-part documentary on the subject and countless books have been published, all echoing the fact that in the last 30 years obesity rates have more than doubled. The South, including Atlanta, is one of the biggest hotbeds for obesity in the United States. [Read more]

There is a wealth of research indicating that those who focus on making changes to their lifestyle habits prior to weight loss surgery are the most successful at reaching their weight loss goals and maintaining their new healthy weight in the future. Much of what makes the difference here is education. Those who take the time to learn the ins and outs of living a healthy lifestyle prior to undergoing bariatric surgery are better prepared for the changes that come afterwards. [Read more]

Finding a positive body image can be a struggle for a lot of us, especially following weight loss surgery. Even though your surgery provided you with an opportunity to lose your excess weight and promote better health, you may still be holding on to the negative thoughts from your past. Struggling with obesity is a difficult barrier to overcome; mentally and physically. It is important that after weight loss surgery, you find a way to love yourself and your new body. You’ve worked hard, and you deserve to reap the benefits. [Read more]