Post-Bariatric Diet

Red Meat & Weight Loss: What you need to know

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There is a reason omnivores face an ongoing dilemma. Meat plays a big role in our diets. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average American eats more than 50 pounds of poultry in a year, and more than 70 pounds of red meat. While meat presents us with a consistent source of protein, there are some negative health consequences that come with eating meat, especially in high quantities [Read more]


Craving Coverage: Resisting Cravings for Weight Loss

Posted: Jun 29 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

There are certain things that your body needs to survive. This includes water, essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. When you run low on these fundamental components of your diet you’ll start to experience some pretty severe consequences, including malnourishment and dehydration. [Read more]


Tips to Eat a Healthy Diet Plan

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Healthy eating can seem very complicated, especially after weight loss surgery. A key concern that may arise is related to the health benefits of certain fruits and vegetables. In particular, comparing organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables can be confusing. Fortunately, the concerns regarding the potential health concerns associated with conventional fruits and vegetables can be addressed with a few simple tips. [Read more]


Triggers for Overeating

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There are many triggers for overeating that you will face each day after weight loss surgery. Most of them are external and easily identified. Group dinners, parties, buffets and celebrations are just a few of those external triggers that you, as a bariatric patient will have to navigate with care. [Read more]


Healthy Hydration after Weight Loss Surgery

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Learning healthy hydration techniques is important to your overall wellness and achieving your weight loss goals after bariatric surgery. [Read more]


Healthy Cooking after Weight Loss Surgery

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About six weeks after your weight loss surgery, you’ll be transitioning back to a relatively normal diet. There may be the temptation to start eating unhealthy foods—fast food, sweets, greasy food—now that you’re able to again. Since your stomach’s capacity is reduced and you can only hold so much food, it’s important that you choose the right food. [Read more]


Mindful Eating Post-Surgery

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After weight loss surgery, the amount of food you can ingest comfortably is greatly reduced. However, training your body and mind to eat less may prove to be difficult at first. Being mindful of your eating habits will help you eat smaller portions while making your dining experience more pleasurable. [Read more]


Making Healthy Food Substitutions after Weight Loss Surgery

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Approximately six weeks following weight loss surgery you’ll start making the gradual transition back to a whole-foods diet. This is an exciting period for many people. After weeks of gaining sustenance through liquids and soft foods, being able to enjoy a regular meal is something to look forward to. [Read more]


Counting the Fat in Fat

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Paying attention to the nutritional labels on food in the supermarket as well as restaurants has been emphasized so much recently that laws are being passed to regulate what information must be included. [Read more]

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Maintaining Nutrition after LAP-BAND Surgery

Posted: Sep 24 in Post-Bariatric Diet by

Following the guidelines of your post-surgical diet will help you avoid malnutrition and achieve the best results from LAP-BAND surgery. By permanently adjusting your eating habits to accommodate your needs, you can maintain a well-balanced, nutrient-rich diet. [Read more]

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