Weight Loss Surgery Options in Stockbridge, Georgia

Find a solution to weight loss with adjustable gastric band surgery at Palmyra Surgical

Have you struggled to lose weight through diet and exercise? Are you tired of suffering from the negative side effects of excess weight? If you’re obese and have been unable to lose weight, you may be a candidate for adjustable gastric band weight loss surgery. Fortunately, Georgia’s most experienced weight loss surgery team is just a one-hour drive from Stockbridge. Palmyra Surgical in Macon can offer the dramatic weight loss solutions you need.

People travel to Palmyra Surgical from all over Georgia for minimally invasive adjustable gastric band surgery. This form of bariatric surgery benefits those looking for a convenient way to achieve dramatic weight loss in Stockbridge.

With a gastric band like the LAP-BAND, you can achieve and maintain weight loss by losing around two pounds a week after surgery. Because this form of bariatric weight loss surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, residents of Stockbridge can easily travel to work with one of Georgia’s top surgical weight loss teams in Macon.

Weight loss does not take place instantaneously after adjustable gastric band surgery. Instead, you work closely with your team at Palmyra Surgical to develop new eating and lifestyle habits. The LAP-BAND and REALIZE band will help you feel full quickly after eating small meals. All you need to do is commit to a healthy lifestyle and continue down the path to a new body.

If you live in Stockbridge, Georgia your weight loss solution could be just an hour away.  To learn more about adjustable gastric band weight loss surgery, contact Dr. John Bagnato at Palmyra Surgical.

How Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery Works for You

The weight loss specialists at Palmyra Surgical use the LAP-BAND® System and the REALIZE gastric band methods of bariatric weight loss surgery. These weight loss surgeries are performed via laparoscopic surgery that allows your weight loss surgeon to implant a small gastric band of silicone or plastic around the stomach. A laparoscopic approach reduces weight loss surgery recovery time and maximizes comfort and safety.

After implantation, the band is inflated to tighten around the top portion of the stomach, creating a small gastric pouch. This type of weight loss surgery is adjustable to suit your needs. The band can be adjusted through a surgically implanted fill port during regular visits to our office in Macon.

The new stomach pouch limits how much food can enter the stomach at mealtime. Because this pouch is smaller than the stomach, the gastric band helps you feel full very quickly. This allows you to comfortably adapt to eating small meals, thus reducing calorie intake.

Benefits of Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery

  • Outpatient surgery is less disruptive and time consuming than traditional surgery.
  • Minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery leads to minimal scarring, less discomfort and a shorter recovery time
  • Bariatric surgery for the LAP-BAND or REALIZE band is completely reversible.
  • Adjustable gastric band surgery does not involve stapling the stomach or making surgical adjustments to the small intestine.

Those in Stockbridge interested in pursuing this method of attaining a healthier body are only an hour away from the experts at Palmyra Surgical. To learn more about gastric band surgery, attend a weight loss seminar.

Palmyra Surgical Solutions for Residents of Stockbridge, Georgia

Are you ready to jump-start weight loss and achieve the healthier body you’ve always wanted? Don’t let your weight rule your life. Palmyra Surgical in Macon is just an hour from Stockbridge, Georgia. Find out if adjustable gastric band surgery is right for you by contacting the weight loss specialists at Palmyra Surgical.

You will be a part of your dramatic weight loss. As you cooperate and commit to healthy habits and responsible choices, you’ll see real results each week. The team at Palmyra Surgical will offer support and guidance as you work toward achieving your goal weight between 12 and 24 months after surgery.

This inspiring form of surgical weight loss is not cosmetic surgery. You won’t be changed instantly—instead, you’ll receive the tools you need to help your body change in a healthy, gradual way. You lose the weight and keep it off by eating right, feeling full, and seeing results. You won’t be alone as you adopt your new, healthy lifestyle. The team at Palmyra Surgical is ready to help you through convenient follow-up appointments and gastric band adjustments.

Learn more about how adjustable gastric band surgery can help you reach your weight loss goals. Contact Palmyra Surgical today.