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Lifestyle Adjustments after Lap-Band Surgery

Posted: Feb 21 in Surgery Experience by

Lifestyle changes after Lap Band include food intake, eating habits, and increasing activity. By thoroughly understanding these short-term and long-term lifestyle adjustments, you can more easily adapt after weight loss surgery.

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Lower Your Risk of Regaining Weight

Posted: Jan 11 in Surgery Experience by

One of the biggest concerns after weight loss surgery is how to keep from gaining back the weight that you have lost. Many weight loss patients only follow up with their medical practitioners for two years after surgery. This can be problematic because sometimes people develop health problems that are associated with weight loss surgery only several years after the procedure. As weight loss surgery becomes more common, doctors are realizing the need for long term patient plans to help keep weight off. Follow-up care is essential in order to decide on the right path for patients after bariatric surgery.

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The Benefits to Stretching as a Part of Weight Loss Surgery Recovery

Posted: Dec 10 in Surgery Experience by

Stretching is a quiet, reflective and non-intrusive act, and it can be done just about anywhere, at any time. Following bariatric surgery, doctors in southwest Georgia typically recommend that people begin by doing simple exercises like walking and stretching as a means of becoming mobile again. Even though it is traditionally thought of as a part of a comprehensive exercise routine, experts agree that stretching has many health benefits, especially for those who have recently undergone weight loss surgery.
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Overcoming Common Challenges After Weight Loss Surgery

Posted: Jul 02 in Surgery Experience by

Undergoing weight loss surgery in Georgia is a big commitment. It also requires taking on a certain amount of risk, as any surgery or major medical procedure carries some risk. It cannot be said, therefore, that anyone who has weight loss surgery is not serious about losing weight or committed to weight loss. And yet, some people who have weight loss surgery find themselves struggling to reach their goal weight or regaining weight that they’ve lost. How does this happen, and how can you prevent it from happening to you? [Read more]