Meet your Weight Loss Goals with Lap Band Surgery in Columbus

Did you know that Southwest Georgia’s top weight loss surgeon is less than two hours away from Columbus? If you’ve struggled with weight loss through diet and exercise, you may be a candidate for surgical weight loss. Palmyra Surgical in Albany, Georgia offers minimally invasive adjustable gastric band surgery. This highly effective form of bariatric weight loss surgery is perfect for obese patients in Columbus looking for the right tools to achieve dramatic weight loss.

After adjustable gastric band surgery, patients can lose as much as two pounds a week by maintaining healthy eating habits as recommended by weight loss surgery specialists. Gastric band surgery is fully adjustable and reversible, making this form of bariatric weight loss surgery convenient and personalized.

Patient participation makes weight loss surgery successful. After your adjustable gastric band surgery, you have to commit to adjust your eating habits in order to see weight loss results. Fortunately, patients find it easier to eat smaller meals because the gastric band creates a feeling of fullness very quickly.

Your new body could be just a quick drive away. To learn more about adjustable gastric band surgical weight loss in Columbus, contact Dr. John Bagnato at Palmyra Surgical. Dr. Bagnato is Southwest Georgia’s most experienced weight loss surgeon.

How Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery Works

In Columbus, patients head to Palmyra Surgical to have adjustable gastric band surgery performed via the LAP-BAND® System or REALIZE gastric band. Both forms of bariatric weight loss surgery are performed through laparoscopic surgery. During adjustable gastric band surgery, a small gastric band is implanted via a small incision. The band is used to cinch off a small pouch at the upper part of the stomach.

Surgeons inflate the band after surgery to tighten it and create a gastric pouch. The new, smaller stomach pouch reduces how much food you can eat at one time. Adjustments after surgery are made in the weight loss office at Palmyra Surgical through a small fill port that’s surgically implanted in your skin. Once the adjustable gastric band is in place, patients feel full after eating very small meals.

Benefits of Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery

  • Patients can easily travel to receive this outpatient surgery.
  • Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery involves less scarring, less discomfort, and quicker recovery than traditional surgeries.
  • This reversible form of weight loss surgery does not involve stapling the stomach or rerouting the small intestine.

Attend a seminar at a location convenient to Columbus to learn more about adjustable gastric band surgery.

Palmyra Surgical and Patients in Columbus

Are you ready to take control of your health? Jump-start weight loss success at Palmyra Surgical, which is located less than two hours from Columbus. If you’re obese and your weight is causing you negative side effects and discomfort, weight loss surgery may be your key to a healthier life.

In order for weight loss surgery to result in significant, lasting weight loss, the patient must commit to ongoing healthy eating choices. The weight loss team at Palmyra Surgical can help you develop the habits and routines you need to lose weight and keep it off after your gastric band surgery.

Unlike cosmetic surgery, bariatric weight loss surgery doesn’t involve making immediate changes to the body. Adjustable gastric band surgery only works if you’re able to commit to eating small, healthy meals. With teamwork between you and your weight loss surgeon, you can reach your goal weight and maintain it.

Don’t feel limited by weight loss surgery options in Columbus. Thanks to adjustable gastric band surgery’s  minimally invasive technique, you can easily travel to Palmyra Surgical in Albany, Georgia to work toward a healthy, happy body.

If you’re ready to learn more about how adjustable gastric band surgery can help you begin your weight loss journey.