Health Issues

Obesity and Rheumatoid Arthritis in Women

Rheumatoid arthritis, commonly referred to as RA, is an inflammatory and chronic autoimmune disease. It affects at least 1.3 million American adults, according to the American College of Rheumatology. [Read more]

Obesity Might Hinder Your Endurance

Is Obesity to Blame for Reduced Endurance? New Research Reveals It Might Be [Read more]

Obesity Drugs Struggle Despite an Overwhelming Need

While the news states that the new weight loss medication Contrave will most likely be approved in September 2014, the struggles the drug has faced so far hint about the challenges obesity drugs have had historically in the U.S. In the last 13 years, only two drugs have been approved by the FDA, including Qsymia and Belviq. [Read more]

Lowering Blood Pressure without Medication

After weight loss surgery, your doctor may prescribe you medication for hypertension depending on your blood pressure levels. However, there are certain habits and lifestyle changes that you can adopt to keep your blood pressure levels in check, or prevent them from getting to unhealthy levels. You don’t have to choose between making these changes and taking medications; in fact, implementing both healthy lifestyle habits and blood pressure medication may be the best way to treat your hypertension. [Read more]

Stopping Your Stressors after Lap Band Surgery

By working to neutralize your stress triggers, you can help yourself maintain healthy habits after Lap Band surgery and develop a happier state of mind in the process. [Read more]

Controlling Time after Bariatric Surgery

It is perfectly possible to incorporate your new healthy habits into your daily routine, but it may not always seem this way. Following weight loss surgery you will need to put extra effort into managing your time, especially while you grow accustomed to your new healthy lifestyle. [Read more]

Depression after Lap Band

The rate of depression among people who undergo weight loss surgery is higher than that of the normal population. This is not because of the implications of weight loss surgery, but instead a lingering effect of the emotional hardship so often caused by obesity. [Read more]

Catching ZZs after Lap Band Surgery

Getting more and better quality sleep every night can enhance your weight loss efforts by boosting your energy levels, your ability to concentrate and your overall attitude about losing weight. [Read more]

The Germs of Good Health

Germophobes read on with caution: every surface of your body, outside and in, is covered with bacteria. They number about 100 trillion, which amounts to about 10 bacterial cells for each human cell. Representing about 10,000 different species of microbe, they make up between one and three percent of a person’s body mass, meaning that the typical 200-pound person could be carrying as much as 6 pounds of bacteria. [Read more]

Flu in the Grocery Bag?

We are not talking about the plastic shopping bags that you are given at the store, but instead the big canvas reusable bags that a lot of us tug around everywhere. The study conducted by the Oregon Public Health Division evaluated the way in which the norovirus, which most of us know as the stomach flu, was transported to an entire soccer team after the bag was brought out to the field to deliver snacks. The reason? It turned out that the bag came from a home where someone in the family recently had exhibited symptoms of the stomach flu, and the bag was stored in the bathroom while the person was sick. [Read more]