Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery in Macon, Georgia

Are you suffering from side effects, discomfort, and embarrassment due to your weight? Have you been diagnosed as morbidly obese? Even if you’ve struggled to lose weight through diet and exercise, there’s hope. Patients in Macon, Georgia are benefiting from surgical weight loss solutions at Palmyra Surgical of Albany. Your new body could be just an afternoon’s drive away.

At Palmyra Surgical, patients often travel for a short trip to undergo minimally invasive adjustable gastric band surgery. This convenient form of bariatric weight loss surgery benefits patients looking to achieve dramatic weight loss in Macon.

Most patients lose around two pounds a week after adjustable gastric band surgery, helping them achieve and maintain weight loss goals. The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, making it especially appealing to patients who have traveled to work with Southwest Georgia’s top surgical weight loss team.

After adjustable gastric band surgery, patients lose weight by complying with new eating habits and routines. If you’re ready to take this step, you must be willing to commit to working with your weight loss specialist team to eat small, healthy meals. Because this type of bariatric surgery creates a small stomach pouch, you’ll feel full very quickly after eating small meals.

A healthier, slimmer body is within reach. Learn more about adjustable gastric band surgery in Macon. Contact Dr. John Bagnato at Palmyra Surgical today.

How Does Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery Work?

If you live in Macon, which is only two quick hours away from Palmyra Surgical’s offices in Albany, you have access to the top weight loss surgery specialists in Southwest Georgia. The weight loss specialists at Palmyra Surgical use the LAP-BAND® System and REALIZE gastric bands for laparoscopic weight loss surgery. The gastric band is a small plastic or silicone band that’s implanted around the stomach through small incisions. After implantation, surgeons inflate the band to tighten it around a portion of the stomach, creating a small pouch for food. Adjustments are made through a fill port in the skin as needed in the weight loss office at Palmyra Surgical.

The new gastric pouch restricts how much food can enter the stomach at a time. Because the new stomach pouch is much smaller than the stomach, patients feel full quickly after eating small portions. Unlike gastric bypass surgery, adjustable gastric band weight loss surgery does not involve permanent changes to the anatomy of the stomach or small intestines.

Benefits of Adjustable Gastric Band Surgery

  • Outpatient surgery is convenient for those traveling or working full-time.
  • Patients prefer minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery over traditional surgery due to its reduced scarring, discomfort, and recovery periods.
  • Adjustable gastric band surgery is completely reversible, unlike types of surgery that involve stapling the stomach or rerouting the intestine.

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Palmyra Surgical Solutions for Patients in Macon

Are you ready to begin working toward a slimmer, healthier body? Discover the weight loss solution at Palmyra Surgical, just two hours from Macon. If you’re a candidate for bariatric weight loss surgery, adjustable gastric band surgery may be your key to achieving dramatic weight loss.

Significant and lasting weight loss results require your cooperation and commitment to healthy habits and responsible food choices. Throughout your journey, you’ll benefit from the continued support of the weight loss specialists at Palmyra Surgical. After your gastric band surgery, you can achieve your weight loss goal in around 12 to 24 months.

Weight loss surgery is not an instant solution, nor is it cosmetic surgery. Instead, adjustable gastric band surgery makes your efforts to exercise and eat better more effective at helping you lose weight. As you eat small meals and feel full doing so, you’ll limit your caloric intake naturally. You won’t be alone in your journey. Palmyra Surgical is just two hours away from Macon, making it convenient for both the surgery and follow-up appointments.

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