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Is Diet or Exercise the Answer to Weight Loss?

Posted: Jun 23 in Surgery Choices by

When you embark on a campaign to lose weight, you should know the first rule of weight loss: burn more calories than you consume. But what’s the most effective way to do that? Should you diet, exercise, or do both? [Read more]


Metabolism and Weight Loss—How You Burn Calories

Posted: Jun 18 in Surgery Choices by

Your metabolism has a reputation for being the culprit behind weight gain and obesity. In many people’s minds, a slow metabolism is to blame for their inability to lose weight while a friend who may eat the same amount of food doesn’t gain a pound. The truth is, however, that metabolism doesn’t work the way that you’d expect, and it’s very rare that a slow metabolism is the cause of weight gain. [Read more]


Dr. Bagnato Makes History with Lap Band and Reflux Surgery

Posted: Mar 25 in Surgery Choices by

Dr. John Bagnato became the second surgeon in the world to use the SPIDER Surgical System to perform LAP-BAND surgery on Wednesday. This surgical technique is also used to perform acid reflux surgery. [Read more]

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Complications and Costs for Obesity Surgery Declining

Posted: Feb 05 in Surgery Choices by

Thanks to several factors, complications arising from bariatric surgery and the resulting costs have declined over the last several years, a new study shows. Much of this improvement is attributable to an increased use of vertical-banded gastroplasty and lap-band surgery over gastric bypass surgery. [Read more]

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Choosing a Weight Loss Surgery Program That is Best For You

Posted: Nov 22 in Surgery Choices by

Weight loss surgery can provide a permanent solution to your struggles with obesity. However, there are many factors to consider when creating a weight loss surgery program.

[Read more]

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New Surgical Weight Loss Procedure Without Incisions

Posted: Jun 02 in Surgery Choices by

It’s nothing to do with Roman attire or crazy parties wearing bed linen, the TOGA or transoral gastroplasty is a new experimental weight loss surgery for individuals suffering from obesity. This operation is used to make obese individuals feel fuller after eating a very small meal and proves to be a less painful and invasive […]

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Advances in Laparoscopic Surgery Techniques

Posted: Apr 05 in Surgery Choices by

Single port surgery is performed using a telescopic rod that is connected to a video camera for the doctors to see as they begin working on an individual’s body. The equipment is inserted through a very small incision in the abdominal area. [Read more]

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