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Taking a Vacation from Acid Reflux

Posted: May 01 in Lifestyle & Behavior by

Nothing seems more relaxing than getting away for a few days, but if you consistently cope with acid reflux and heartburn, you may have some doubts about traveling too far from home. Will unusual foods spark your symptoms? [Read more]


Running From Heartburn

Posted: Apr 24 in Lifestyle & Behavior by

There is a strange relationship between acid reflux and exercise. On one hand, exercise can help manage your weight, which is a known trigger for heartburn problems. Certain studies have even found that short bursts of moderate activity can reduce your risk of developing GERD. [Read more]


When Heartburn Breaks a Sweat

Posted: Mar 03 in Lifestyle & Behavior by

There are some workouts that are more heartburn-inducing than others. High intensity, vigorous activities like running or any workout that involves jumping are known to be harsher on the body, and so are more likely to cause heartburn. [Read more]


Tai Chi: Movement, Meditation and Heartburn Relief

Posted: Feb 27 in Lifestyle & Behavior by

Because of this, it may become tempting to stick with one conservative workout that you know will not be problematic, but doing so can quickly grow boring. If you become disinterested in and unmotivated by your fitness program, you won’t continue to get the same stress-busting, weight-controlling, digestion-boosting benefits. [Read more]

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Stress Relief for GERD on the Go

Posted: Feb 22 in Lifestyle & Behavior by

Stress is a consistent trigger of heartburn in Georgia, but it’s also a natural part of life. As much as we’d like to, we cannot banish stress completely from our lives, and this is what makes it so important to learn stress management techniques as you work to control the symptoms of GERD. [Read more]


Soothe the Burn of GERD with Aloe Vera

Posted: Feb 18 in Lifestyle & Behavior by

You’ve probably heard of as many “cures” for GERD in Albany or Macon as there are stars in the sky, but when it comes to treating burning of any kind, few things are as highly regarded as aloe vera. Though you may have used the gel of this cactus-like plant to ease the pain of a sunburn, the healing attributes of aloe can also have big benefits for your digestive system if you suffer from intermittent mild heartburn. [Read more]


Making Your Home a Reflux-Free Sanctuary

Posted: Feb 11 in Lifestyle & Behavior by

Though we may not always realize it, our environments have a powerful impact on the way we behave. [Read more]


Relax Your Muscles to Relieve Acid Reflux

Posted: Jan 15 in Lifestyle & Behavior by

Preventing acid reflux and indigestion in Albany and Macon often amounts to watching what you eat, but a healthy diet isn’t all that helps. Stress is also a big contributor to the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and finding ways to manage it effectively can be an asset as you work to ease the discomfort of this condition. [Read more]


Natural Solutions to Indigestion

Posted: Jan 11 in Lifestyle & Behavior by

If you only experience the pain of heartburn once in a blue moon then you are among the lucky ones. For millions of Americans this pain is frequent and severe, causing them to consider the consequences of daily actions like eating, sleeping and exercising before going about with their regular business. This group of individuals is classified as having gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. This is a condition marked by chronic heartburn and acid reflux that occurs as a result of a damaged lower esophageal sphincter or LES. [Read more]


Acid Reflux Relief for Runners

Posted: Jan 04 in Lifestyle & Behavior by

High-impact exercises like running pose an especially high risk of acid reflux symptoms, and as a result, many people write them off after being diagnosed with GERD. While it is true that running can cause problems if you suffer from acid reflux, don’t be too quick to quit for good. [Read more]