Your Gastric Band Surgery

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Your Gastric Band SurgeryThe Day of Surgery

A brief overview of what to expect on the day of your adjustable gastric band surgery. We cover admission to the hospital through discharge with a brief look at the operating room and recovery. More»

Discharge Instructions

After your leave the hospital your weight loss journey really begins. Your discharge instructions provide information on how to care for yourself in the first few days after adjustable gastric band surgery. More»

Activity After Gastric Band Surgery

The sooner you begin moving, the sooner you will recover from your surgery and begin to regain control of your weight and your health. These instructions provide you with a brief overview on how to slowly increase your activity levels. More»

Symptoms to Expect after Gastric Band

After any surgical procedure involving incisions in the abdomen and anesthesia, you can expect a certain amount of discomfort and other mild symptoms. Being informed about what to expect will help you prepare by getting supplies you may need ahead of times and allay any anxiety you may have. More»

Abnormal Symptoms after Gastric Band

Knowing what feelings and sensations are abnormal after weight loss surgery helps you to take direct action quickly to avoid an mild problem from becoming a serious one. More»