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Avoiding shape-control underwear’s potentially dangerous side effects

Like a modernized, spandex version of the corset, undergarments called shaping underwear or control pants work to streamline your physique, squeezing in your gut by fitting tightly over it. Though this may sound like a great idea to make your stomach look firmer than it really is, control pants could have more negative effects for your body than just encouraging you to skip the gym—increased pressure on your torso can lead to heartburn and reflux issues, along with a whole host of other problems. Whether you’re considering reflux surgery in Macon to rid you of reflux symptoms or are simply intent on avoiding them in the first place, the dangers of shape-control underwear far outweigh the benefits.

Esophageal Risks

Control pants may seem like a great way to look thinner without putting in the hard work, but all that increased pressure on your lower stomach can force acid upwards into the gullet, resulting in some serious heartburn. If you spend a lot of time wearing control pants, this could lead to ulcers, inflammation and esophageal damage. Even wearing other kinds of tight clothes, like tight jeans, could contribute to some of these problems. So, if you’re worried about reflux issues, it might be time to slip into something a little more comfortable.

Other Complications

If shaping underwear is starting to sound like less of a good idea, hold on—it only gets worse. Because shape-control underwear holds in your stomach artificially, it prevents your diaphragm from fully descending as you breathe, which can cause panic attacks and hyperventilation. It can also lead to stress incontinence. In other words, if you have pressure on your stomach and cough or sneeze, the pressure is forced down instead of out, which could lead to a humiliating leak.
Everyone wants to look better without really trying, but every shortcut can have its consequences. Wearing shape-control underwear is the wrong way to tighten your gut. Instead, try some toning and core-strengthening exercises to lose that gut for good. Learn the lesson of every 19th century woman: corsets and their like are uncomfortable and just downright unnatural.


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