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Don’t Camouflage Your Diet Self-Sabotage

Tips for keeping your diet & exercise plan as healthy as you think it is.

Even with our best efforts to cut down on calories, there are many factors in our daily lives that can derail even the most stringent of diets. From calories hiding in healthy foods to things you may not know are bad for you, there are tons of ways to accidentally let unhealthy practices slip into your otherwise flawless weight loss plan. As always, you should consult your weight loss surgeon in Macon before making any major changes to your diet, but here are some tips to help you avoid self-sabotage.

Make sure your salad is actually a healthy option. With rich dressings like ranch and blue cheese, and the addition of ingredients like avocado, egg, nuts, bacon, croutons and cheese, substituting a salad for another entrée when you go out to eat may not actually be any better for you. Sure, getting the house salad may sound like a better option than a burger and fries, but make sure you know what’s on that house salad before digging in. Try healthier dressings like vinaigrettes and avoid the fatty, high calorie add-ins if you really want a healthier meal.

Mix some strength training in with your cardio. Though it may seem fine to just get a good run or Zumba workout in for your daily exercise, getting some strength training in can be hugely beneficial to your health and even your weight loss goals. Lifting weights and other strength training exercises like pushups and lunges will both increase your metabolism and increase the number of calories you burn while resting. You don’t have to bulk up, but just mixing in a little strength training can help you build lean muscle mass and both look and feel better. Of course, remember to check with Dr. Bagnato to be sure you’re ready for weight training or any other strenuous activity after bariatric surgery.

Pay attention to the calories you drink just as much as those you eat. Dieters often ignore the calories they consume in sports drinks and fruit juices because they perceive them to be completely healthy. Though they do help to add nutrients to your diet, it’s easy to forget that they also add tons of calories. It won’t give you any nutritional value, but substituting water or even diet soda the next time you’re feeling thirsty can help you trim down the number of calories you get from drinks.


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