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Are You Unintentionally Eating Breakfast Twice?

Many working adults are confronted with the option of a second, more delicious breakfast they arrive to work. This happens most when the office secretary happens to bring in a dozen warm, gooey doughnuts for someone’s birthday or there is any early-morning meeting with a lovely display of muffins and baked goods to entice your interest in whatever boring topic is up for discussion. Saying no is hard to do to a warm iced cinnamon roll even if you did already eat breakfast at home—chances are it was some cold piece of toast or a bland fiber-filled waffle your husband or wife threw at you as you rushed out the door.

In the fight to eat healthily at work or to stop yourself from eating twice, you need to be able to identify your biggest enemy—beware of The Feeder…

The Feeder

I’m sure you have worked with someone who arrives in the morning with croissants or scones for the whole office or is always leaving tasty high-calorie treats on the corner of your desk—this is The Feeder. Don’t let the feeder get the best of you, especially if you already had breakfast for the day! Psychologists believe this pattern of behavior often stems from feelings of insecurity. Handing out food helps The Feeder feel needed and allows them an element of control in the work environment. Or, it could be worse—The Feeder may be trying to absolve himself of the guilt brought about by his or her own inability to manage weight. Encouraging others like yourself—who is trying to stay healthy and maintain weight loss goals—to eat treats, too, The Feeder feels less guilty for being the only one to indulge.

The Solution

Many people feel pressured to accept the delectable treats The Feeder offers, because he or she may be a close co-worker and you don’t want to offend or upset. Don’t feel bad, stay strong and acknowledge the kind gesture or ask questions about the food as curiosity implies empathy but make a point to firmly decline. Even go as far as to let them know you are on a structured weight loss diet and your weight loss surgeon in Macon wouldn’t advise you to eat such foods. Sometimes, it helps to boost your resolve by creating a small list of your after-surgery weight loss goals and posting it somewhere where you can see it on your desk. Whenever confronted with less healthy foods at work, you can quickly glance at your goal list to keep you from giving it.

It is important to always remain a healthy weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle whether you’re a child or an adult. Steering clear of the office feeder and making sure to not let yourself eat breakfast twice are great ways to maintain weight loss goals and stay focused.


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