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Reflux Stinks: Stomach problems could be the root of bad breath

Sure, living with the symptoms of GERD stinks, but could reflux be making your breath stink as well? As if the list of problems associated with acid reflux and heartburn weren’t long enough, one often overlooked symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is its tendency to cause bad breath, which is clinically referred to as halitosis. Though just one of many sources for chronic bad breath, stomach-related halitosis may take the cake when it comes to raising the worst stink.
Getting rid of bad breath, especially when associated with the stomach, is often much more difficult than just popping a breath mint. If you’re considering reflux surgery in Macon, getting rid of the pain alone is worth it, but avoiding the embarrassment of stomach-related bad breath may be just one more benefit to getting rid of GERD.
Bad breath may not always make the list of the worst symptoms caused by GERD, but the connection does make a lot of sense—any time you have stomach acid or bits of food making their way up your esophagus, some unpleasant odors are to be expected. Ever burp and notice how bad your mouth tastes afterwards? You may not be able to smell it on your own breath, but there’s a pretty good chance everyone around you can.
Though the problem may be beginning in your stomach and won’t go away without treatment of the root issue, there are some things you can do to avoid exacerbating stomach-related bad breath and others to help cover it up.

  • Change up your diet: Try avoiding spicy or strong-smelling foods and dairy products, anything that may smell especially bad coming back up. Reducing portion sizes may be beneficial as well as the stomach won’t need to produce as much acid to digest smaller meals.
  • Brush your teeth: Kind of a no-brainer in reducing bad breath, but brushing your teeth more often could be a tremendous help. Try to brush, or at least swish around a potent mouthwash after each meal you eat.
  • Get minty fresh: Breath mints won’t solve the problem, but they can help make it much less noticeable. Try carrying some breath mints or gum with you wherever you go and freshen up when you think it’s necessary.


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