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Diet after Nissen Fundoplication

One approved remedy for gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD is nissen fundoplication. It has been used to offer relief for those suffering from the painful symptoms of acid reflux. Though the procedure is straightforward, all patients are expected to abide by a strict dietary protocol following nissen fundoplication. There are a few general rules that may help during the recovery diet, which is categorized by stages.

In the first stage, which lasts about three days after the operation, a liquid diet is used. You will be advised to stick to clear liquids, such as juices and broths. Decaffeinated teas and coffee can also be included, though no cream or substitute should be added.

An expanded liquid diet makes up stage two, and this will last around a week. Communication with doctors is important throughout, because they will determine when progress to the next stage should begin. The expanded liquid diet includes everything from stage one, as well as creamed soups, milk products, yogurt, and vegetable juices. Freshly-juiced vegetables offer an important source of micro-nutrients during this stage.
Pureed foods can be added during stage three. The goal is to increase macro-nutrients without burdening the digestive system. Use a blender or food processor to pre-digest normal meals. Porridges, such as oatmeal, and mashed vegetables are good choices. You should expect this to last around 4 weeks, though a doctor may change this based on an individual’s progress.
Stage four foods should be soft, including eggs, pasta, rice and fruit. A few tips will help ensure smooth digestion after nissen fundoplication in Albany. Chew food thoroughly, even when it may not seem necessary. Chewing stimulates the digestive system. Spread calories out over 6-8 meals. Also, stay away from gum, caffeine, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Finally, sitting upright during and after meals will ensure proper digestion.


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