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Ten Tips for surrounding yourself with a Healthy Food Environment

While we have little control over certain situations in our lives, we do have control in our own kitchens. It is our responsibility to foster a healthy nutritional environment in the home, especially after having weight reduction surgeries in Columbus.

Here are 10 tips to help your family learn healthy eating habits.

  1. Buy food wisely. If you do not buy unhealthy food choices, you won’t be fighting with your family about eating “junk” instead of healthy alternatives.
  2. Check out your kitchen shelves. Make the unhealthy choices less accessible.
  3. Don’t serve meals family-style. Prepare each plate of food, instead of allowing family members to serve themselves. Adjust the size of the plate to fit the healthy portion requirements of each person.
  4. Set Meal Time Requirements. No computers, game machines or cell phones at the table.  Eat a little of all food types on the plate, and pay special attention to make sure you are consuming the dietary requirements that your weight loss surgeon has set for you. When possible, eat one meal a day together as a family.
  5. Don’t use food as a bribe. Weight problems later can be linked to adults who used food as a reward or punishment.
  6. Offer water and low-fat milk to quench thirst. Both offer benefits, which sugar drinks, including juice, do not. Most fruits should come from healthy, whole foods and not juice.
  7. Eat most meals at home. When you are making the food yourself, you are able to control your calorie intake and what ingredients you are using.
  8. Don’t equate love with food. Show love, not with unhealthy treats or too large portions, but with hugs and verbal encouragement.
  9. Become an example. Children do what you do. Set an example by preparing and eating in a healthy way yourself.
  10. Set rules and spread the word. Make sure others who interact with your children follow your healthy food choices.


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